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We Share apps for entrepreneurs to achieve TechZen

And you might ask yourself... What is TechZen, well just as it's name, we want to offer you the best possible products at great prices (free most often than not), that will help you improve your daily life, organize your company, get better results and achieve that TechZen


This is our higher purpose, to search among the vast ocean of apps so you don't have to. We will strive to find the best apps for your company or small business.


Yes we know that learning is always on your mind but from who? Where? What are the best teachers out there? Don't worry, we will work on all of that so you can get that TechZen

Project Management

This is huge, so we are going to try and make it simple and easy to understand for everyone, we will look for free software, cloud software and all the possible alternatives and then filter them for you

Social Media

Yes, we know this is an integral part of any company nowadays so we are going to be searching for the best to help you reach TechZen

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Make the Web A Better Place

We have used hundreds, possibly thousands (but who's counting?) of different apps, software and after going through so much (good, bad and otherwise) we decided to make the web a better place. You are going to be walking in a sort of paradise of apps, we are going to bring free, freemium and premium apps and detail correctly which ones are going to be best for you to use.


Best Mobile and PC Apps For Smart Entrepreneurs In 2020

Being an entrepreneur is such a rewarding experience. However you've got so many tasks at hand, like do an extensive research, gather and manage your resources, maintain communication, grow your brand reputation, get in touch with new clients, staying on top of all the accounts, and much more.

Sometimes there isn't just enough time in the day for everything. From making new connections to keep ideas flowing, a new challenge is always just around the corner. However, you gotta turn every challenge into a plus.

A few months ago I started to really pay attention to how inefficient my life had become. I was wasting a lot of time on pointless meetings, showing up late and it started to constantly impede my daily work. I even managed to show up a few minutes late to one of the biggest business meetings of my life. Obviously, this was unacceptable to me. I had to find a solution (or solutions) that would work for me and my busy life.  (Seiren's SEO)

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you are currently using Outlook Calendar as your primary business calendar. Am I right? Feel free to nod your head. Fact is, you're missing out on some of the top calendar apps by limiting you and your business to these tools. Well just as with Outlook you are possibly missing out on great value apps for entrepreneurs, and that's why we created this site.

I have tested and tested and tested until I found different solutions for me, and some that are just underway that we will test and possibly recommend. While there are many options, most traditional apps don't always align with what you do as a business owner. There might not be the features or functionality that you really need to make it worthwhile.

In this site,   Seiren's team will present the Best Mobile and PC (sure also Mac and Linux) Apps every Entrepreneur should know. They may not fulfill all of your responsibilities but they could buy you some time. That in turn, you can focus on ticking off the most essential tasks on your list.

Benefits of Being Organized

An entrepreneur's life can get pretty chaotic sometimes.

Some of us are great at dealing with it, but some of us are thrown off by the creeping problems that usually happen without any notice. The worse thing is, they can lead to missed deadlines, reckless decisions and eventually losing business prospects.

Being super organized is the secret weapon of a successful entrepreneur. What's even better, when you incorporate modern apps to your goals, you are in no danger from putting your business to rest. No one needs to be yelling from office to office, or sending unnecessary emails. It's simply a waste of time.

All the apps Seiren SEO will share in this website have varying ways to help you boost your confidence, make use of every single day you have to finish your tasks while still balancing work and life.

Starting an entrepreneurial journey is probably easier now than before with the help of these mobile and pc apps.

Maintaining a Marketing Plan

It's a good idea to have a marketing plan all the time. Your business strategies will be much stronger and solid if you plan everything out. That's what Seiren Digital is for... TechZen on the other hand... we are here to bring you

Apps for Entrepreneurs to solve your upcoming needs

Now that it's almost 2021, mobile apps have now become a part of an entrepreneur's marketing plans. You can conduct your research about your target audience by reading helpful guidelines from Flipboard, manage job interviews through Skype, keep a professional chat group at Slack, write business proposals in Evernote and so much more. From business to marketing, sales, design, finance, and technology, we have the top best apps for entrepreneurs ready to work for you.

We will try and cover those, and some less known but hefty in benefits in our guide of apps for entrepreneurs.

What's your favorite mobile app ? We'd like to hear back from you.

Keep on the lookout for more TechZen entrepreneur articles in our blog


Meet The Team

Sofía Duque Jiménez

sebastián ospina

Marketing specialist

Sofía is like a busy bee, she cannot stop until everything is perfect. Just the way she likes it to be! She has been the one making things happen and will help us find more and better products so you can be sure that everything works out.

Santiago Robledo

Santiago robledo Salazar

Founder & Lead Bee

Santiago has possibly installed thousands of apps and software during his life so he can basically tell you if something works for you and your company or not. Besides he's usually in a good mood so you can ask him anytime about pretty much anything concerned with the apps that we offer in TechZen.

Andrés Felipe Taborda

daniela valencia


Almost everything you see here is made by Andrés, he is the graphic designer and heart of this project, he makes our ideas into something pretty we can show you!

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